Market Analysis for Forex, Index and Commodity Traders

Our daily and weekly market reports identify market trends and key events that could impact trading in specific markets. We cover economic data, central banks, politics and other factors that could impact trends in indices, commodities and currencies. We also provide chart analysis on featured markets, key levels for traders and highlight turning points.

Market Analysis for Investors in Stocks and Exchange Traded Funds

Recognizing that the stock market is a market of stocks, we also produce bottom up reports on individual companies and sectors based on a combination of fundamental and technical analysis techniques.

Our reports on stocks and ETFs, which are geared for swing traders and longer-term investors, include target prices and stop loss levels, plus ongoing updates.

Risk, Return Rotation Reports and Top Picks

Every day in the markets brings new opportunities for investing and trading. Through daily and weekly tracking of where money is moving in or out of major markets and active stocks, we can spot capital rotation and emerging opportunities.

In addition to identify which markets are moving, we also look at the  the upside relative to the downside for each opportunity. This enables us to identify which markets offer the best short or long term prospects relative to the risks involved and avoid marginal plays. We only consider prospects with at least a 2 to 1 return to risk ratio.


Media Appearances and Webinars

We regularly appear in traditional and social media around the world. We keep you updated on our public appearances and are planning to launch a regular webinar series in the coming months.

Investor and Trader Education

In conjunction with the Canadian Society of Technical Analysts and other organizations we are involved in a number of education programs for investors, traders and professionals.


Next Steps...

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