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Colin Cieszynski, CFA, CMT

Founder, CEO and Chief Market Strategist

In 2017, CSTA members voted Colin Technical Analyst of the Year and Top Technician in Social Media.

Colin Cieszynski is one of the world’s leading professional market analysts with over twenty-five years of experience and a global following of his market insights located in over 100 countries on six continents. Colin tracks economic and market trends for Global indices, North American stocks, commodities and currencies utilizing both fundamental and technical analysis techniques. Colin's previous studies in Fine Arts enables him to see the world differently from many business school graduates.

Colin is frequently quoted in the business press around the world by publications including the Wall Street Journal, Financial Times, Reuters and many others. He appears regularly offering market insights on JAZZ-FM in the UK, plus BNN, CBC Radio and 680 News in Canada. He has contributed to a daily online market column with the Globe and Mail in Canada and appears weekly on ABC News Radio across Australia.

Colin has been a member of the Market Technicians Association for well over a decade and is currently the Vice President and Toronto Regional Director with the Canadian Society of Technical Analysts. Colin is a very experienced public speaker having presented at the World Money Show, corporate events and to trade associations including CSTA Chapters across Canada, the Toronto CFA Society and the CMT Association.

Our Approach

Historically long-term investors have tended to base their decisions on fundamental analysis, while short-term traders have tended to base their decisions on technical analysis.

Through years of trading, analysis and investment experience we recognize that a combined approach provides additional insights which help us to think differently than most of the other market participants out there; to stand out from the crowd.

The market is a crucible where opinions and approaches collide.  Recognizing that the market price doesn't always reflect fundamental valuation, and that developments can render price patterns ineffective, we identify not only which way a market is trending, but look for signs of change and examine what could impact market thinking.

For indices, commmodities and forex, we take a top down approach, looking at the big macro drivers of markets and which announcements could spark trading moves or trend changes like central bank decisions and economic news. For stocks, we also look at how industry sectors and corporate developments can impact performance.

Investment analysis and portfolio management are arts as much as sciences, requiring creativity and new thinking. We reject the notion that computer programs based on past experiences can replace the human aspect of decision making and adaptability to change.


Our Story

Having worked in many areas of the investment industry over a quarter century including research, investment banking, trading and syndication dealing with retail and institutional investors and traders, we recognize that there are many roads to success in the markets.

Common keys to success across different approaches are the willingness to recognize/accept change, putting market/news developments in their proper context and risk management.

With major changes underway in the investment industry, its clear that now is the time for an independent voice that takes an integrated approach to market analysis.


Next Steps...

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